Solani Therapeutics develops novel medical products for companion and production animals by combining already marketed active pharmaceutical ingredients with novel formulations and delivery methods.

The main focus of our development projects is in easing drug administration to ensure successful therapy outcomes, high compliance and improved customer experience.  Our solutions have increased value for animals, their owners and veterinary practitioners.

The current development portfolio is in the area of pain management. From the original pet focus we have recently expanded our projects to production animals.

History highlights:

  • 2014: Solani is founded  and receives the first funding from TEKES.
  • 2015: Solani signs a technology license with DelSiTech allowing commercial exploitation of their silica-hydrogel technology in meloxicam based veterinary drugs.
  • 2016: Solani signs a license agreement with Vetcare for delivery cartridge BoviBolus®.
  • 2017 and 2018: Both ownership base and project portfolio is expanded.
  • 2019: Solani is granted a European patent for slow-release meloxicam solution.
  • 2020: Solani is granted a US patent for slow-release meloxicam solution.
  • 2022: Solani is granted an Australian patent.