Oral forms of meloxicam are frequently prescribed for treatment of pain in cats after surgical operations. Cats, however, are famously difficult objects for oral administration, this difficulty not lessened by pain, nausea, stress and other discomfort cats experience after operation and anaesthesia.

We are developing a subcutaneously injectable meloxicam hydrogel ST15C with a release time of 3 to 5 days to be administered by a vet just before or after an operation. ST15C will replace the oral suspension typically following as a home treatment administered by the cat owner. Our solution will free the owners  and cats from stressful and sometimes unsuccessful administration of oral drug, and ensure adequate pain management during the healing period.

We a have a development plan available for consideration, in addition to final or preliminary results for the following: comparative PK study in cats, local tolerance in rats, sterilisation method, and formulation optimisation. Results in an independent literature study on safety of silica and meloxicam are also available.

We are now looking for an early-stage co-development deal for this project. Please contact us for further information.